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  1. hoduyanh7650

    hoduyanh7650 Member marketplace Long Tail Pro According to new information revealed by his uncle made in Viettel, said Viettel defective in some particular bandwidth October 26th may to October 30, 2014, the new DC system fix ... Because broken bandwidth x10 code up value of Viettel. This news just in New Viettel said department. His uncle had told me right away and I just loaded the card first 50k ... see DC try before buy his first 50k swapping the card, your account is now lean and flat Terminal 1 million damage and fun, I shoot screen images are then hey I think should share to share for everyone to know how the details are as follows ... B1 Prepare a card Viettel 20k, 50k, 100k, 200k, 500k as you want, rakes get the code Click tags ... B2 SAO SAO 103 625 664 8416 10 STAR code can win OK. where (103 is the number of promotional Viettel, 8416 625 664 10 is a series of secret used to verify that employees are entitled to promotion Viettel) ... B3 Wait a minute then check your account, depending on the price top up the amount to be received up 20k = 200k 50k = 500k 500mb 100mb = 1 million 1000Mb 100k 200k 500k = 2000MB = 2 million 5 million 5000mb ... Note When loading cards in denominations over 100k you will be free 1 month of service of Viettel and 20k per month be added to your account and 1000Mb promotion in 12 months markatplace pantepirak Long Tail Pro.

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SEO: markatplace pantepirak Long Tail Pro