keratin treatment

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  1. hoduyanh7650

    hoduyanh7650 Member DanDe Cosmetics Ltd has been keratin treatment is a component accounting for 70% of hair texture, it is a type of protein that protects avoid damage and prolong beauty. When the hair is covered, this material will fill the void missing in epidermis, hair healthy and help improve issues such as broken, tangled, damaged due to use of chemicals ... Government keratin therapy is performed by blending with synthetic proper ratio is then coated, then use the heat of the clamp (450 degrees C) makes the stick keratin deep into the epidermis layer smooth straight or curly slightly depending on the designer’s intentions. When government decisions, which means you have to invest both time and money. Coating process done at the salon will usually take 3-5 hours depending on the length short and thin thickness. However, upon completion, to the status screen, you are not tied, clamped, pulled out behind the ear, to stick within 73-96 hours of water ... since the government has just finished sewing. Should choose the professional hair expert so they can watch time and precise dosage. If you want to dye or perm, do two weeks before the government. It should be done in open space, air flow is always rotated to not have the side effects of these chemicals can be found in styling products.

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SEO: keratin treatment